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Implants Specialist

Raja K. Srour, MD -  - Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon

Raja K. Srour, MD

Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon & Plastic Surgeon located in West Hollywood, CA

When it comes to implants as a way to enhance your features, breasts aren’t the only area that can benefit. Men and women rely on the artistic eye and more than 30 years of experience of Raja Srour, MD, of Doheny Sunset Surgery Center, Inc. for cheek, chin, calf, and pectoral implants. In Dr. Srour’s capable hands, you can correct a receding chin, define your cheekbones, and improve the overall aesthetics of your face or body. To discover if implants are a good solution for you, call the West Hollywood, California, office or schedule a consultation online.

Implants Q & A

What are cosmetic implants?

Cosmetic implants can make certain areas of your body look rounder, fuller, and more contoured. For example, pectoral implants help a man’s chest look more sculpted and muscular. Cheek implants highlight your cheekbones to enhance your facial features, and chin implants can make a small chin more prominent and in proportion. 

Typically, implants are made from synthetic materials, such as silicone. Dr. Srour designs your custom implants based on your facial or body structure and your desired look. 

What happens during a cheek implant procedure?

Depending on the extent of your procedure and whether you’re combining cheek implants with another cosmetic surgery, Dr. Srour may recommend a local or general anesthetic to keep you comfortable. To place your new cheek implants, he makes incisions inside your mouth or externally through your hairline or lower eyelid. Dr. Srour inserts the implant into a pocket within your facial tissue and closes the incision with sutures. 

What can I expect during pectoral implant surgery?

While you’re under local or general anesthetic, Dr. Srour makes a small incision under each armpit and inserts the pectoral implant beneath your muscle. Pectoral implants for men are made of silicone and are solid rather than soft like women’s breast implants. Dr. Srour closes the incisions, and you may have a temporary drainage tube in the wound to prevent fluid build-up. 

What is the recovery like after implant surgery?

Expect some bruising and swelling around the incisions immediately after implant surgery. It takes some time to recover, and Doheny Sunset Surgery Center, Inc. provides you with explicit instructions regarding how to minimize bruising and promote healing. You need to avoid strenuous exercise for a period of time but can typically return to work after a week or two. 

Am I a good candidate for implants?

Depending on your aesthetic goals, your overall health, and your expectations for the results, you may be a good candidate for cosmetic implants. It’s usually best if you’re a nonsmoker, as well, as smoking may inhibit your body’s ability to heal after surgery. During your consultation, Dr. Srour discusses options for enhancing your cheeks, chin, calves, or chest, and presents you with various options. 

Cosmetic implants are a personal decision. The first step in making that decision is scheduling a consultation with Dr. Srour so you can learn more. Call the friendly Doheny Sunset Surgery Center, Inc. office staff, or book an appointment online.