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Additional Testimonials


On Lip Augmentation

"It was amazing. I've always disliked my thin lips, but I never felt 100% at ease with any cosmetic surgeon. But Dr. Srour was very kind and understanding, explaining to me the whole process in an open and honest way. He made me feel very much at ease, and I was very, very happy about the results. Now I have full-bodied luscious lips, the kind I've always dreamed of. And Dr. Srour also got rid of those unsightly lines above my lips. I look younger and better than I have in years!" —Jemma, 33

On Facelifts

"I used to think that people who got facelifts were just vain and self-centered. But it does make a very important difference, not just to your looks, but to your attitude and outlook on life. I have more self-confidence now, and the people at work can see how energetic I've become. It's hard to find a wrinkle line on my face now, and my skin doesn't sag at all. I feel twenty years younger, so why shouldn't I act like it?" —Dolores, 42


On Liposuction

"I'm a professional dancer, so it's important for me to be in great shape. But no matter how much I dieted and exercised, I still couldn't lose the excess body fat in my hips and thighs. It was getting pretty frustrating. Then I spoke with Dr. Srour about liposuction, and after he explained the whole process to me, I decided to give it a try. I was surprised at how simple an operation it was, and how much better I looked even after so short a recovery time. I've never looked or felt so wonderful before. And most important of all, it's having a positive effect on my career. It's amazing!" —Sandra, 25


On Breast Implants

"I'd always had small, underdeveloped breasts, and I guess it affected how I felt about myself a lot. There were never really any clothes that fit me just right, and I didn't have a whole lot of guys calling me up for a date. I had some reservations about getting my breasts enlarged, not the least of which were the potential dangers. But I did a lot of research and found out that the operation was a reasonably safe and straightforward one. Now I feel more self-assured and pleased with myself and I think men are finding both my attitude and my appearance really pleasing."—Bernadette, 31


On Pectoral Implants

"As an actor and model, I know that it's really important to present my best self to the camera. When a friend of mine suggested pectoral implants, I laughed the idea off. At the time, it sounded pretty vain and superficial. But when I spoke to Dr. Srour about the matter, the whole thing made a lot more sense. I work out with weights a lot, but I'd already gotten as far as I could within my genetic limitations. Pectoral implants gave me a larger, more impressive chest, something which many people tend to notice in a positive way. I look and feel more confident, and I think it shows in my performance. I'm definitely getting the attention of more casting directors now!" — Michael, 26


On Rhinoplasty

"My nose came out exactly as I expected and visualized. My parents were also very impressed. What an artist!! I would absolutely recommend Dr. Srour to any friend or family member!" — Juliana E., Manhattan

"I love this guy!! He did an amazing job on my revision rhinoplasty!! Dr. Srour went above and beyond my expectations and gave me the most beautiful nose that looks like it is straight from the pages of a magazine! I recommend this guy 100%!! He's a miracle worker!!!" — Taylor H., Chicago