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Few people think of medicine as an art form. To many, it is a very cold and exact science, leaving little room for such things as beauty and aesthetics. But art is exactly what's taking place in the Beverly Hills offices of Dr. Raja Srour, a 30-year practitioner of cosmetic surgery. Unlike most other surgeons, Dr. Srour sees what he does as an art, requiring a keen sense of aesthetics, an eye for beauty, and a sound understanding of human anatomy. These, along with good judgment, dexterity, and creativity, are what elevates a good plastic surgeon from the rank of a good technician to the status of an artist.

Dr. Srour should know. For most of his adult life, he has divided his time between his work and his other passion, painting. His works grace the walls of his Beverly Hills offices, and have been donated to various charities to raise funds. The dedication and attention to detail that he brings to his paintings is also evident in his work as a cosmetic surgeon. There was a time when cosmetic surgery was reserved for the very rich and vain. Those times are long gone now. Today, a better educated general public knows that the benefits of cosmetic surgery are more than skin deep. Having fuller lips or a tighter behind is now affordable and obtainable for most people. And psychologically, cosmetic surgery gives patients a powerful boost in self-confidence. They look better, feel better, and even perform better.

Body sculpting, nowadays is a process requested by both men and women. Genetic factors, aging, pregnancy or a marked weight loss can create deformities that can be altered by liposuction, excision and tightening of excess skin. Often some of the fat removed can be transferred to other deficient areas that need enhancement. Thus Dr. Srour continues to make his mark in cosmetic surgery by constantly seeking new techniques in facial and body sculpting.

The Art of Cosmetic Surgery
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