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Expertise in Breast Augmentation, Reduction, & Reconstruction

Doheny Sunset Surgery Center is a leading provider of breast augmentation and related cosmetic procedures. Surgeries like breast lift, breast reduction, and insertion of breast implants are carried out successfully by qualified cosmetic surgeons such as Dr. Raja Srour at our center in Los Angeles, California.

Breast Augmentation

There is a great emphasis in modern society on the female breast as a characteristic of femininity. A more liberal attitude toward sexual relationships, more revealing clothing fashions, advertising and magazines have all contributed to enhance the awareness of women toward their breasts. Some small-breasted women might feel awkward and sexually inadequate. Following breast augmentation they usually feel more adequate, adjusted, and confident. Some of our patients have gone to national and international prominence following their breast augmentation surgery in multiple fields of show business, print, and fashion. Learn more about this procedure in our Breast Augmentation FAQ.


Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is performed on patients who have large breasts and complain about symptoms related to the size of their breasts. Their symptoms range from breast pain, backache, and bad posture to spine deformity, deep shoulder furrows from the brassiere, and skin rash and discomfort under the breasts. Furthermore, overly large breasts are cumbersome and often interfere with normal physical activity.

In doing such surgery the volume of the breast tissue is reduced, the skin envelope of the breast is tightened and the location of the nipple is changed to a proper position. After such a surgery the capacity of the patient for breast feeding is usually lost. The extent of nipple sensation recovery depends on the type of procedure performed. Learn more about this procedure in our Breast Reduction FAQ.


Breast Lift

Breast lift is performed on patients who have lost a marked amount of weight or following pregnancy which left them with excess skin and drooping of their breasts. When the breast tissue volume is adequate, the skin envelope is redesigned to give the breasts an acceptable shape and position.


Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is performed mainly to correct congenital deformities of the breasts or following mastectomy for breast cancer. There are multiple procedures designed to accomplish an acceptable cosmetic result. The preferable technique is individualized for each patient depending on her or his condition. This will be discussed at the time of free consultation. Some procedures available include:

• Reconstruction With Breast Implants
• Insertion Of Distender To Stretch the Breast Tissue & Replacement With a Permanent Implant
• Latissimus Dorsi Flap
• TRAM Flap From the Abdomen
• Free Flaps With Microvascular Anastomosis

Our cosmetic surgery center offers breast enlargement, reconstructive breast surgery and more.
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